Breathalyzer given to student without parental consent angers mother

SUWANEE - A local mother was angry after her son, a Peachtree Ridge High School student, was given a Breathalyzer test without parental permission.

Another student had falsely accused Carter Barron of being drunk at school. His mother, Lisa Barron, said the student was playing a prank by reporting this to administrators.

Gwinnett County Public Schools spokeswoman Sloan Roach said school officials had an obligation to investigate the claim of drunkenness. The school resource officer had a Breathalyzer device, which he used to test Barron.

"The Breathalyzer test was negative, so it was a quick and easy way to prove that he had not been drinking," Roach said.

His mother's objection to the Breathalyzer test was that the school had not asked for her or her husband's permission before administering it.

Barron did not face any disciplinary or criminal charges for drinking. However, school officials did find a cigarette lighter in his bookbag when it was searched for alcohol possession. Roach said the student was disciplined for having the lighter at school, which is against school policy.