Bus driver, motorist in altercation

DULUTH - A Gwinnett County Transit driver had to yield for his life Monday after a disgruntled motorist nearly ran him over.

A witness told police that Gordon Myers tried to stop the driver of a black Ford sports utility vehicle from traveling in the bus lane.

That didn't go over too well with the motorist who became angry and tried to hit Myers with the car. Myers was able to dodge the vehicle.

The witness jotted down the tag number of the SUV and called police, but they couldn't find a match.

Woman files complaint against cop

DACULA - A Dacula woman says her neighbor, a Loganville police officer, is unlawfully investigating her in connection with a killing that took place several years ago.

The woman told police that on Monday, the officer was outside taking pictures of her home. The woman's husband came out and the officer allegedly ran inside.

The woman already has taken out a restraining order against the officer, because she believes the officer is investigating her in connection with a crime that occurred several years ago.

The complainant told police that her former husband murdered her lover and then killed himself and that the officer believes she had something to do with the crime.

A stalking report was filed by Gwinnett County police based on the woman's complaint.