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Benedict XVI has his work cut out for him

The Forum, Fargo, N.D.:

Twenty-six years ago, the white smoke from The Vatican's Sistine Chapel announced the election of a relatively obscure Polish cardinal as Pope John Paul II. Few knew much about him.

Twenty-six years later, John Paul's tenure is seen as extraordinary and historic. He filled the shoes of the Fisherman in a manner never before seen - indeed, redefined the papal role.

But last week, when white smoke signaled the naming of German Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, Vatican-watchers knew that in Pope Benedict XVI, Catholics were getting a man on the throne of Peter with a known record of service.The big question: Will Benedict assume the globe-trotting style that characterized his predecessor's service?

Frist should change sides for his agenda

The (Nashville)


Sen. Bill Frist, the majority leader from Tennessee, is not the first politician to turn to religion for help with an agenda.

Still, Frist's plan for a videotaped address to a major church gathering regarding judicial appointments is drawing valid criticism. He should reconsider aligning with the Family Research Council's planned event, "Justice Sunday," in which organizers bill opposition to President Bush's nominees as being "against people of faith."