Buford schools to implement dress code in all middle school grades

BUFORD - In Tuesday night's school board meeting, school superintendent Sue Morris recommended that the uniform dress code already in place for sixth- and seventh-graders be extended to eighth-grade students in the 2005-2006 school year.

"We've had very few problems, and some of the students grudgingly admit that it makes their life easier," said middle school principal Allison Miller.

Morris also presented for adoption the Gwinnett County and Buford City schools Local School Attendance Protocols. The protocols were established in answer to the federal No Child Left Behind Act. "Our system is actually a bit stricter than Gwinnett's, and it's served our students well. We've been very successful," Morris said. The Board unanimously adopted the protocols.

City's school nutrition program struggling

School board members are recommending a slight increase in lunch prices next school year, as the schools' nutrition department is struggling to make ends meet financially.

"We still won't be the most expensive, even with an increase," Morris said.

One of the problems plaguing the struggling nutrition program is excessive charging by students. Morris suggested that no charging at all be allowed by high school students beginning next year.

"We really don't want to disallow charging by the smaller children, but the high school is where we're having the biggest problem with this," Morris said. "When we see a problem emerging, we get involved and try to help."

Morris also recommended to the board that the school system purchase four more defibrillators in addition to the one the system already owns.

"Once again we've seen tragedy hit another Gwinnett county school," said Morris, referring to the Central Gwinnett student who died during a weightlifting session Monday.

Items of interest

The student drop-off area at Buford Elementary school will be paved this summer at a cost of about $66,000.

"We thought the rest of the parking lot would last a while longer, but that's obviously not the case," Geye Hamby, Assistant School Superintendent said. As a result, the Board will solicit three bids to pave the remainder of the lot at an estimated cost of between $150,000 and $200,000. The work will be done over the summer.

The field house for the middle school is in the planning stages, with two proposals already submitted. The new facility will include a dressing room, restrooms, concessions and storage. The brick will match the brick on the new middle school. The field house will enhance the city's school football program and will be used by the eighth-grade athletes.

For the second year in a row, Buford High School won the "bot ball" tournament, a contest in which autonomous robots, built by students, compete on a battlefield.

This competition highlights the BHS technical/science program, one of the best in the state. The tournament was held in Macon on April 16.