Wife charged after allegedly hitting husband on head

SNELLVILLE - A Snellville woman was arrested Saturday after she allegedly struck her husband in the head with a picture frame.

The man told police his wife, 29-year-old Yergalem Habte, hit him and caused his head to bleed when he was dusting near the television. Habte told the officer her husband had tried to kill her. She added, "He was saying stupid things," so she hit him with the picture frame.

Habte was arrested on a charge of battery.

Police car damaged

BUFORD - Someone damaged a police patrol car on Saturday after an officer parked it overnight at Amli apartments at 1400 Mall of Georgia Blvd.

When the officer returned to the car about 7:30 a.m., she discovered someone had broken out the driver's window using a cement slab. Three pairs of handcuffs from inside the car were taken.

The vandals also walked on the hood of the car, causing dents and scratches, and stomped on the windshield, breaking it.

Two arrested in apparent drug deal

LAWRENCEVILLE - Two men were arrested in the midst of an apparent drug deal Saturday in front of Jillian's at 5900 Sugarloaf Parkway.

Police were called to investigate a suspicious vehicle and discovered a blue Ford Ranger parked in front of the building, according to police reports. The driver, 30-year-old Stephen Saferight of Atlanta, and a passenger, 27-year-old Michael Anthony Williams of Tucker, agreed to let the officers search their car.

A drug dog alerted officers to the presence of narcotics, and police found a bag of marijuana hidden behind the driver's seat. Another bag was found between the front seats on the floor. That bag contained 17 smaller plastic bags of crystal methamphetamine, three smaller bags of marijuana, 32 smaller bags of cocaine, 62 ecstasy pills and several more unknown pills, according to reports.

A stolen pistol also was discovered inside the car.

Williams and Saferight were charged with possession with intent to distribute methamphetamine, ecstasy, marijuana and cocaine. Williams also was charged with possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime, theft by receiving and giving a false name.


Alleged suicide attempt ends with man's arrest

STATHAM - A man was arrested and charged with simple assault and obstruction of a law enforcement officer after he allegedly attempted to commit suicide.

Oliver Bettis, 25, threatened to shoot himself several months ago, but has been OK since he stopped drinking, his mother told police on April 8, Bettis was drunk and threatened to kill himself, according to a police report. His mother told police he had a 9 mm Beretta pistol.

Police converged behind Bettis' house, according to the police report, and hid when Bettis came outside wearing a kilt with no shirt. He had the gun tucked into the kilt, the report said, and was carrying a sword.

Police pepper-sprayed Bettis after he ran into the house. They grabbed the arm with the sword and took the pistol away from him, the report said.

McDonald's fight injures two teens

WINDER - Two teenagers had red marks and swelling after a fight at McDonald's on April 16.

A 19-year-old man and a 17-year-old female told police they were at the McDonald's drive-through when a woman in the car behind them gave them an obscene gesture. The female then returned the gesture, then two men allegedly walked up to the pair and pushed the man in the head.

The female confronted the woman in the car behind them, the police report said, when a third man punched the 19-year-old in the head and ran away.

The 19-year-old went to join the 17-year-old, where he was hit several times and thrown to the ground by a group of four men, the report said. The 17-year-old tried to stop the fight and was punched in the face and thrown on top of the 19-year-old, the report said.

Police are investigating.

- From staff reports