Letters to the Editor

Hanoi Jane still unforgiven for many

To me, Jane Fonda will always be "Hanoi Jane." A recent letter writer recently demanded that I forgive Jane for her actions during the Vietnam War, implying that I might somehow then have innerpeace. I have innerpeace - and I still soundly condemn Hanoi Jane for her actions.

Hanoi Jane ridiculed American prisoners in the presence of their captors. Her anti-war and anti-American tirades were broadcast by our enemies to our POWs and to our fighting soldiers. After the war, memoirs of North Vietnamese generals openly credited people like Jane Fonda who encouraged them in their efforts to continue the war and kill additional Americans.

It is the right of any American to publically object and protest any actions of our government but when that person travels to the country we are fighting and verbally attacks our nation and its soldiers, then it is not only despicable but traitorous. Hanoi Jane was, and as far as I am concerned, is still a traitor! I had too many buddies that returned in body bags to ever forgive Hanoi Jane for her traitorous acts. My friends are still dead, and their children remain fatherless. My absolute disgust and contempt for Hanoi Jane remains intact. And I have absolutely no trouble with my innerpeace. Some things simply cannot be forgiven, and being a traitor is one of them. Incidentally, Hanoi Jane has never apologized for her actions; she is only "sorry" or "regrets" the events occurred. And now she is attacking our actions in Iraq. She hasn't changed. Iraq Jane?

- Ernest Wade