Court overturns acquittals in Diana crash case

PARIS - France's Supreme Court on Wednesday partially overturned the acquittal of three photographers tried for invasion of privacy after they snapped pictures of Princess Diana and boyfriend Dodi Fayed at the scene of their fatal 1997 car crash, a lawyer said.

The case will now be retried by a Paris appeals court - a process expected to last into next year.

American pleads for life on video

BAGHDAD, Iraq - An Indiana man, scared and clutching his passport to his chest, was shown at gunpoint on a videotape aired by Al-Jazeera television Wednesday, two days after he was kidnapped from a water treatment plant near Baghdad. The station said he pleaded for his life and urged U.S. troops to withdraw from Iraq.

The United States said it would maintain its policy of not negotiating with kidnappers.

Gaza settlers ready to resist

NEVE DEKALIM, Gaza Strip - Jewish settlers in Gaza have collected hundreds of tents and are stockpiling food for thousands of supporters they expect to arrive in coming days to help resist this summer's evacuation.

An Associated Press reporter saw piles of hundreds of tents, sleeping bags and cans of food in a Gaza warehouse Wednesday, and settlers said more is on the way.

U.S. resists push for Iran action

WASHINGTON - The Bush administration on Wednesday reaffirmed its commitment to diplomacy as the best way to stop Iran from developing a nuclear weapon while Israel's leader ruled out a military strike to destroy Tehran's nuclear program.

The White House also sought to play down differences with Israel over the urgency of the threat.

Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon contended Iran was years away from possessing a nuclear weapon, but only months short of overcoming ''technical problems'' in building one.

8 suspects cleared in ricin toxin plot

LONDON - Britain's cases against nine North Africans accused of plotting to spread the deadly toxin ricin in the British capital resulted in only one conviction - an Algerian linked to al-Qaida - with eight others either not brought to trial or acquitted, according to details released Wednesday.

Britain had forbidden reporting on the case until two trials were complete, and a judged lifted the prohibition after a court found four of the accused not guilty Friday.

- From wire reports