Lilburn approves annexation

LILBURN - The Lilburn City Council approved half of an annexation and rezoning request at its meeting Monday, allowing the property into the city but denying a request for commercial rezoning.

The property, currently residentially zoned, is located at 279 Lester Road, across from the new Super Wal-Mart. The rezoning request was to allow a liquor store on the property.

"The biggest impact the Super Wal-Mart has had on the area has been on the neighboring properties," said project engineer Don McFarland of McFarland-Dyer Associates Inc. representing applicants C&J Giant Inc. "We firmly believe this is a viable use for this property."

Although the council denied the rezoning request, it did so without prejudice, leaving the developer the option of coming back with another commercial development - other than a liquor store.

"The council's opinion is that we just don't want a liquor store there," Lilburn Mayor Jack Bolton said. "We can approve the annexation but not the liquor store."

C&J Giant continued with the annexation request without the rezoning.

"We still want this property annexed," McFarland said. "Even without the (rezoning) for the liquor store."

Council approves

design cost increase

The council also approved a $60,446 amendment to a contract for the design and engineering of the city's Camp Creek Trail.

"We are moving along very well on this project," council member Ken Swaim said.

The first part of the planned greenway trial will be about a two-mile stretch from Lions Club Park to Lilburn City Park and is expected to cost about $1.4 million to complete.

The city has received a $600,000 federal grant for the trail and will use SPLOST funds for the remaining costs.