Letters to the Editor

Oppose GOP power grab in Senate

Republicans are going for the ultimate power grab by trying to silence conflicting opinions in the U.S. Senate. They want to change the rules and eliminate the filibuster, which has protected the voice of the minority for more than 200 years and has served both parties during times of necessary debate.

This abuse of power would eliminate free thinking, free speech and dissent in Congress, giving President Bush a blank check to push radical agendas and extreme judges. It would put our most fundamental values at risk by eliminating the checks and balances that keep our democracy strong and support our national integrity and open-mindedness.

I urge our senators to stand up and protect our democracy by opposing the GOP power grab.

-- Steven Fitzgerald


Be consistent in protection of life

Pope John Paul II had a consistent ethic that sought to protect and defend human life and dignity.

Many conservatives point to his teachings on abortion, euthanasia and sexual morality. But they forget his strong and passionate opposition to the war in Iraq, capital punishment and the operations of a global economy that neglect the poor and deny human rights for millions.

Will Terri Schiavo's defenders be as consistent? Will they care more about the loss of civilian lives in Iraq or innocent prisoners put to death on death row? Will they refuse to accept the silent tsunami that takes the lives of 30,000 children every day because of hunger and disease, or even support the Medicaid funding for vulnerable people that helped sustain Terri's life for many years?

Consistency is spiritually and morally attractive. The life of John Paul II was a lesson of its truth and power. Will the conservatives follow suit?

-- Ralph Greene


Minutemen's actions are refreshing

What a refreshing thing to see. The Minutemen of Arizona trying to call attention to a desperate problem in this country. It's what every good American should be doing.

Those of us who cannot be there can do our part by writing our politicians and letting them know how concerned we are.

Demand that they protect us, which is their first priority, by the way. Not to mention the crime and the billions of dollars being spent by the American taxpayer on illegal immigrants.

Get off your duffs and do your patriotic duty.

-- Debi Ortagus

Sugar Hill

Hanoi Jane should never be forgiven

So Hanoi Jane (Fonda) wants to apologize for her traitorous conduct while we were fighting a war in Vietnam so she can sell a few more copies of her forthcoming book and promote her new movie.

As an infantry battalion commander, I saw too many good men die in Vietnam to ever forgive her and have the uncompromising belief that she should have been deprived of her American citizenship decades ago.

-- Jay Wagner

Stone Mountain