Apartment destroyed in fire

DULUTH - A fire destroyed an apartment Tuesday afternoon at Lake Sweetwater Apartments on Sweetwater Road.

Firefighters arrived about

2 p.m. to find a three-story, multi-unit building with fire in one of the units.

"They did a real good job of containing it to one unit," said Thomas Rutledge, spokesman for the Gwinnett County Fire Department. "There was some smoke and heat damage to the unit above."

The occupant of the apartment was not at home. The cause of the blaze is undetermined, Rutledge said.

Woman allegedly attacked by tenant

NORCROSS - A Norcross homeowner claimed she was attacked Friday when she tried to kick a tenant out of her house.

The victim told police she rents a basement bedroom in her home on Park Lake Court to a woman who is a prostitute. She asked the woman to move out immediately upon discovering her misdeeds, but the tenant then allegedly threatened the landlord with a knife.

The tenant slapped the victim and pulled her by the hair until two other roommates were able to separate the women, according to police reports. The tenant claimed she was the one who was assaulted, after notifying the fire department that 19 people were paying rent to live in the single-family home. The officer was unable to determine who was the primary aggressor. Due to the conflicting statements, no one was arrested.

Employee suspect in dealer sabotage

DULUTH - An employee at Rick Case Hyundai is suspected of trying to sabotage the business last week before quitting his job.

The parts manager notified police that the employee got access to the computers on March 28 and erased files which showed the bin locations where 120,000 different auto parts were stored. At least half the data was either deleted or moved to other files, police reports said.

Officers are investigating the allegations.

Female escort robbed

NORCROSS - A female escort was reportedly drugged and robbed last week while entertaining a man at her Crescent Lake Apartment on Quails Lake Village Lane.

The victim got a call at

5 a.m. from a white male named "Andy" and agreed to meet him at the apartment, according to police reports. After he arrived, the victim claimed the two were playing video games when she took a drink from his water bottle. The water tasted bitter, the victim later recalled.

A short time later, the woman felt sick, began shaking and curled into a ball on her bedroom floor. When she awoke, several hours had passed. The victim discovered several electronics and CDs were missing and "Andy" was gone.


Man charged after he allegedly choked his wife

WINDER - A man was arrested and charged with domestic battery after he allegedly choked his wife.

Kenneth Jarrell, 31, told police that he and his wife had been arguing and she would not give him keys to the van. When police talked to Jarrell's wife, she said her husband would not let her leave and tried to choke her, according to a police report.

Jarrell's wife had red marks on her neck where she was choked, according to the report. Police arrested Jarrell after the April 3 incident and charged him with domestic battery.

Man accused of beating up girlfriend

WINDER - A woman reported she watched her friend get beaten up by her live-in boyfriend.

Winder police have a warrant out for the arrest of Jason Miller, 29, on charges of battery. A friend of Miller's girlfriend called police after she said she watched Miller beat his girlfriend up, according to the report.

According to a police report, the girlfriend's face showed visible injuries including red marks and swelling. Though she originally denied that Miller had hit her, the girlfriend later said it was not the first time Miller had hit her and broken things in their home.

Man knocked unconscious during robbery

WINDER - A man reportedly knocked another man unconscious and took more than $100 from his pocket.

Police are investigating the April 1 robbery. Xavier Slayton, 21, told police he had been standing around with five other people when Valdez Starks, 21, struck him in the right side of the face and knocked him unconscious.

Someone else who had been standing with them helped Slayton back to his house, the report said, then told him Starks had hit him and gone through his pockets. Slayton checked his pockets and found his money was missing, according to the police report.

Man tries to steal meat, beer at Bi-Lo

WINDER - A fight broke out at a Bi-Lo grocery store after a man allegedly tried to steal $225 of meat and $85 of beer.

Kyle Gable, 29, filled a shopping cart with meat and beer and put two packets of meat down his pants, according to a police report. When an employee confronted Gable, he allegedly pushed the employee to the ground and ran out of the store.

Gable ran to a friend's vehicle, but the friend refused to leave once he realized Gable had allegedly stolen from the store.

According to the police report, Gable attacked his friend. Gable allegedly hit the friend several times and slammed him against the wall of the Bi-Lo.

Gable was charged with shoplifting, battery and simple battery following the April 2 incident.

Mother, son arrested in connection with stabbing

HOSCHTON - A woman and her son were arrested after a man was stabbed in the chest.

Police responded to a call about a suspicious person who was holding his chest and trying to enter a home on Beringer Drive. They later identified the man as Ernesto Solis, 17.

Solis was found at 1302 Oak Tree Road, lying in the driveway and bleeding profusely from wounds to his head, according to a police report.

Police found a large puddle of blood with a knife lying near it on the front porch of a nearby home. Inside the house, Sandra Ramey, 54, was helping her son Adam Ramey, 20, clean a head wound, the report said.

Adam Ramey was transported to the hospital with knots on his head, according to the report. Solis allegedly began to hit Adam Ramey on the head with a lead pipe after he would not give him a cigarette.

Police believe Adam Ramey hit Solis in the face with a baseball bat, the report said. Both Sandra Ramey and Adam Ramey were arrested and charged with aggravated assault. Sandra Ramey was also wanted by Gwinnett County on a contempt warrant.

- From staff reports