Letters to the Editor

Social Security has broken down

I would like to make more people aware of the way our government "handles" our Social Security Administration. I know it is wrong and it is time we take a stand for what is right. For those not aware, this is how it "works":

1. You must be out of work one year before you can even apply for Social Security Disability Income with Medicaid.

2. It takes five to six months to "process" an application.

3. Statistics show the majority of people are denied benefits.

Now, that makes 11D2 year without money, medical help, housing or food. Where does that leave someone? (Homeless or dead) They have no problem quickly taking money for Social Security out of every check anyone earns for so-called "future" Social Security.

4. You can appeal and statistics show denial again.

5. You can appeal and again, probably denial.

6. You can appeal to Federal Court and again you can be denied.

As you can see, they are truly harassing the majority of people who really need help and making it so impossible for someone who is disabled physically or mentally to get help. What kind of system is that? (According to the dictionary, socialism) This is an unfair system and people need to know about it! The more aware people are, the higher the demand is, and we know by facts and history that some branches of government have to be cornered "by the people" before doing what is right.

Should we really be spending billions of dollars helping other countries before helping our own people?

- Melissa A. Hornsby


Wal-Mart fine doesn't fit the crime

Wal-Mart's $11 million immigration fine is laughable. Forbes Magazine's 2004 annual ranking of the 400 richest Americans stated that four members of the Walton family had an estimated wealth of $18 billion each. EACH, and that's billion with a "B", folks! $11 million is like a parking ticket to a company of this magnitude, a mere slap on the hand for illegally exploiting immigrant workers.

Along with this measly fine, Wal-Mart boasts that their average hourly wage for regular full-time associates in the U.S. is $9.68 an hour. Last year Wal-Mart had sales of $288.19 billion. I am sure that Wal-Mart would not go broke if it gave a little more to those employees at the bottom and a little less to those at the top.

Oh and by the way, according to ABC News, it would take Wal-Mart about 22 minutes to make $11 million. How much do you make in 22 minutes?

- Eileen Stewart

Flowery Branch

Why can't I find a job?

Every day, I get up early and try to find a job. My made-in-Japan alarm clock wakes me up at 6 a.m. While my made-in-China coffee pot is perking, I use my made-in-Hong Kong razor. I then put on my made-in-Sri Lanka dress shirt, my designer jeans made-in-Singapore and my tennis shoes made-in-Korea. After cooking my breakfast in my new skillet made in India, I sit down at my calculator, made in Mexico, to see how much I can budget to spend today.

After setting my Taiwanese watch to my made-in-India radio, I got into my Japanese made car and looked hard for an American job.

At the end of still another discouraging day, I go home to relax by putting on my Brazilian made sandals, pouring myself a glass of French wine and turn on my Indonesian-made TV.

I called the Department of Labor to get leads, but the call center in Mumbai was no help. Gee, I wonder why I can't find a job here in America?

- Ernest Wade


Cal Thomas way off base

Cal Thomas has outdone himself in his recent column (March 31) where he decries "liberal bias and discrimination in colleges against conservatives." Talk about the pot calling the kettle black when it comes to bias against those who don't share your views. Practically every utterance Thomas makes is discriminatory when he refers to those of moderate or liberal persuasions. This is, of course, par for the course with extremists on both sides of the issues. There is no middle ground with them. It's their way or no way. There are times when the rhetoric descends into the realm of the terminally stupid.

Thomas goes so far as to attribute the acceptance of homosexuality as a liberal left conclusion as if it were an ideologically debatable issue. Can he actually believe that a person just arbitrarily gets up one morning, looks in his mirror and says, "Today I will be a homosexual"?

Has it ever occurred to Cal that he is way out of his league and field of expertise when it comes to assigning his labels of good and evil to those not born into his particular genetic groove? Like it or not, a family that does not have a least one nonheterosexual member in its midst is a rarity. As to why this is, you may as well ask why some are born with gentle traits, while others are not.

Cal goes on to say that 88 percent of liberals want more environmental protection "even if raises prices or costs jobs." I had to read this twice to believe it. Yes, Cal, even if it raises prices and costs jobs.

That always seems to be the bottom line with that line of reasoning: Never mind the noxious waste being dumped into our rivers, ignore the poisonous air our children are forced to breathe, just keep the costs down ... at all costs. Yes, Cal may be right, academically speaking, there may be preponderance of liberal teaching in the colleges ... and long may it reign.

- George Morin