Someone tries to pry open bowling alley ATM

NORCROSS - Someone at a Norcross bowling alley wanted money from the ATM, but they decided to get it in an unconventional way - by prying it open.

Employees at the Brunswick Zone in the Spaulding Greene shopping center told police that on Tuesday about 4:50 a.m. someone tried to pry open the door to the ATM machine.

Workers aren't sure how the criminal got into the bowling alley, saying he either broke in or hid inside after hours. The business has an alarm, but it was not set, according to the report.

Police were sent to the alley about 5:05 a.m. after the ATM alarm sounded but didn't notice a crime had taken place. When employees arrived in the morning, they noticed the damage to the machine.

Man threatens to shoot up school

DACULA - A man called 911 Tuesday and told the operator he was going to "shoot up" Dacula Middle School the following day, according to police reports. He then hung up the phone.

The operator tried to call the man back on the cell phone number, but the number was out of service. The recording gave her another number, which she tried to call. That number also was out of service.

The operator notified police at the Eastside precinct and the school resource officer. No shootings were reported Wednesday at Dacula Middle.

Woman's gas furnace disturbed

BUFORD - A Tuggle Road woman called police Tuesday alleging a portion of her gas furnace was moved several inches, and she wasn't the one who moved it.

The woman said each time she turned on the heat, she noticed an unusual sound. When she went to check the basement where the furnace is located, she noticed someone had entered the house and so she called police.

The woman told police that she is getting a divorce and has a restraining order against her husband. She didn't see him enter the home, but is fearful for her safety, according to reports.

When police checked the basement, they found PVC pipe leading to the furnace out of place, supporting her allegations.


Man charged with aggravated assault

HOSCHTON - A man allegedly threatened to kill the woman he is living with, holding a gun to her head and trying to run her over with a car.

Jeffery Conner, 22, was charged with four counts of aggravated assault, one count of battery, one count of interfering with a 911 call and two counts of cruelty to children third degree.

Conner allegedly began to fight with the woman when he refused to go to work March 22. According to a police report, Conner strangled the woman and threatened to kill her, then himself. He let her go, then took the phone apart when she tried to call 911 and began to strangle her again, the report said.

Conner allegedly punched her in the stomach, kicked her and slapped her before putting a gun to her head.

Conner next grabbed the couple's oldest son, the report said, and took him to a black Ford Ranger. When the woman chased after him, he allegedly turned the vehicle toward her and hit her in the left thigh.

Conner's brother, Christopher Conner, 17, was arrested and charged with obstructing a police officer after he repeatedly ignored police commands to leave, the report said. Police said he was being belligerent and kept trying to give his brother a hug.

Man arrested after fight with wife

BETHLEHEM - A man was arrested and charged with aggravated assault after he allegedly fought with his wife.

Matthew Smallwood, 31, allegedly started a fight with his wife when he came home drunk at 2 p.m. March 25.

According to a police report, Smallwood pushed and punched his wife, leaving her with red marks and bruises on her arm, chest and neck. Her lip was cut and bleeding and her right eye was red and bruised, the report said.

When Smallwood's wife threatened to call 911, Smallwood allegedly ripped one phone off the wall and stomped on a cordless phone, breaking it.

Smallwood also threw his wife against the pantry door, breaking it, and grabbed her by the hair, the report said.

He was charged with aggravated assault, battery, criminal trespass and two counts of obstructing a 911 call, the report said.

Smallwood was arrested when he pulled back into the couple's Elise Drive home. He was found with several baggies of what appeared to be marijuana, police said.

Man attempts to bribe employee

WINDER - A man soliciting information from the county attempted to bribe a county employee.

The man, who said he was soliciting pipeline for a company named Plastic Tubing Industries Inc. out of Orlando, Fla., allegedly asked the employee what the best companies were from a list of local contractors the county does business with.

The man, who said his name was Doug, allegedly asked the employee if a $100 bill would change her mind about telling him the information. When she said no, he left, leaving a $10 bill on the floor, according to a police report.

The employee called Doug and told him to claim the money he left, the report said.

Fire destroys room in Barrow home

STATHAM - Barrow County Fire and Emergency Services responded to a residential structure fire at 2:57 p.m. March 22.

The fire, in a home on Ga. Highway 82, was contained to the bedroom area. There was smoke and water damage to the entire residence, firefighters said. The fire may have been started by a lightning strike.

- From staff reports