Aldo Leopold Birthday Celebration

Visitors are invited to visit the GEHC on January 14 as we celebrate Aldo Leopold's birthday (born January 11, 1887).

Activities for the day will include:

*Participating in a forest restoration workday to help improve an ecosystem at the GEHC

*Readings and activities from Leopold's famous book, A Sand County Almanac

*Creating a nature journal, practicing observation skills outdoors, and exploring the many 'tools' of a naturalist

*Viewing Green Fire, a documentary of Aldo Leopold's life (film starts at 2:00pm)

Aldo Leopold was a well-known professor, forester, and naturalist who has been called the "Father of Wildlife Ecology". It is said that he knew more about America's wildlife than anyone else of his time. Leopold later taught the philosophy that people cannot hurt one part of the web of life ecosystem without the rest of the web being affected. His land ethic has impacted the conservation movement greatly, specifically with the publication of a collection of his journals into a book, A Sand County Almanac.


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