Gwinnett County questions

Do you deliver to jails? (Dekalb County Jail)

I have an account and want to order subscriptions, they're for my husband who is currently in the Dekalb County Jail. Will he be able to get them?

How does one get a book review published?

I am wondering how I could go about getting a book review of my son's first book, Eidolon (by Greg Martin sold on Amazon as an e-book or paperback) and maybe a blurb about how local boy finds his passion ...

Monument in Suwanee?

What's being constructed off Lawrenceville-Suwanee Road in Suwanee by the KFC restaurant near Satellite Blvd.?

Summer Opportunities

Hello, Do you offer internships? If not, would you allow a college junior to come in for free over the summer and shadow a staff member, so she could learn the ropes of the industry? Thanks, Rachel Bevels

Christmas Lights in Lawrenceville off of 316 near Cedars Rd

There was an article in the newspaper last December about the best Christmas light displays. The article mentioned 2 homes on the same property/located next to each other in Lawrenceville off of 316 and I think it was near Cedars ...

Facility tours

Is it possible to bring a Cub Scout den (5 kids) to tour the newspaper? These are 1st grade boys learning about mass communication can be used. Thanks

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