Gwinnett County Sports questions

the sports page "on TV"

You guys have a great "on TV" listing in the sports page of the regular hard copy paper. Where is that in this online version? Thanks for your help.



Our Greater Gwinnett Baseball League team.

Our 13u team just won the county championship. We would like to submit an announcement of that along with the boys' and coaches names. How do we go about doing so? Thank you, Erin Goehrig 678-467-5324

Copy of paper

My son was featured in 2 issues of the paper and I did not get copies, can I get one mailed to me?

2011 high school football preview

When will the gwinnett high school football preview be in stores ?

How many high schools are there in Gwinnett County?

With over 162,000 students in the county, I wonder how many high schools there are and beyond that,, how many high school students are there?

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